Composers in Red Sneakers poster (1986)

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Nancy was thrilled to be part of this fabulous chapter in Boston musical history. Composers in Red Sneakers was a group of talented composers, mostly graduates of New England Conservatory of Music, who formed a consortium to co-produce concerts of their music about three times a year. There was often a marimba part or two for Nancy--so she performed frequently on the series between 1983 and 1987. This marked the beginning of her decades of fruitful collaborations with composers. For a brief time, she was also a composing member of the group.

Their brilliant gimmick was that anyone who wore red sneakers got in free. On one warm evening (perhaps the concert advertised here), the start time of the concert was pushed back due to there still being a line around the block of people hoping to get in (to a new music concert)! Sanders Theater was near to capacity that evening--with an audience of around 800 people.

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